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Should Off-Premise Alcohol Sales Be Permanent?

Since we were hit with the Coronavirus pandemic, NOT affectionately known as COVID-19, almost all of our beloved restaurants and bars had to close their doors in the name the law, and of course, to SAVE LIVES.

Many of the eateries & bars transitioned to curbside pick-ups, delivery or takeout (hallelujah!) but, we all know that their sales fell sharply...very sharply. Many small businesses owners have sadly said their sales "fell off a cliff", yet one saving grace has been the chance to sell sealed, unopened bottles of wine, beer, spirits -- even, pre-made cocktails to their local devotees (note: this saving grace varies by state).

Since we won't be in lock-down forever, and many restaurant and bars have already opened their doors, they still have massive chunks of income to make up, so maybe take-out wine & cocktails should be part of the new way of doing biz. It makes me curious to know if you would still visit them (on the inside), or would this make you want to do a bit of both, and treat yourself to more goodies they have to offer.

For the entire story and the legalities of what may make things difficult for some states to allow this to be the new norm, check out this article from VinePair.

But, before you leave, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please share in the comments below.



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