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International Grenache Day is about A Month Away!

The Grenache Association Welcomes International Grenache Day on Friday, September 15th with -- An Online Portal for #GrenacheDay Events Worldwide!

List your public events celebrating Grenache Wines for free at and Find a Celebration Near You!


The Grenache Association – a not-for-profit coalition of fans of the Grenache grape – welcomes the world to celebrate the 13th International Grenache Day on Friday, September 15, 2023. This annual event, held on the third Friday of every September, has been instrumental in spreading the “gospel of Grenache” through social media initiatives, in-person and virtual wine tastings, and events at wineries, wine shops, wine bars, wine academies, and restaurants. Each year celebrations take place globally, including in top Grenache-growing countries like Spain, where the grape originated, France, where it has the largest number of Grenache plantings in the world, Australia’s Barossa Valley which has the oldest Grenache vines on the planet, the United States which planted its first Grenache in the 1860s, and in Italy which produces more wines than any other country.

This year, the Grenache Association welcomes a new partnership with which created a portal specifically for #GrenacheDay on its website: Participating venues, industry professionals, and others can post their public events on the site which wine lovers can search for by city or browse all events worldwide.

Local Wine Events is the world’s biggest site for neighborhood wine and food event listings in over 63 countries. Their weekly e-newsletter The Juice reaches over 300,000+ subscribers with an average readership of 500,000 wine and food enthusiasts weekly.

According to LWE founder Eric Orange, “Our mission at Local Wine Events is to make wine events easily accessible wherever you are in the world and to help promote wine shops, restaurants, wineries, and wine! Grenache is one of our favorite varietals and #GrenacheDay is a great opportunity to list fun events to promote it.”

Over the past 12 years of International Grenache Days, fun events have included restaurants creating vibrant menus to pair with their favorite Grenache wines, wine shops have held Grenache tastings and sales events, wineries scheduled estate tours and Grenache picnics, wine bars held blind tastings with rare vintages to challenge the palates of their favorite customers, and consumers celebrated with BYOG gatherings. What will you do?

ABOUT GRENACHE: Grenache is planted on six of the seven continents and delivers a “sense of place” or expression of its terroir in every sip. It is enjoyed by wine mavens and newbies who embrace its earthy fruitiness and complexity, long finish, and medium body which translates to a velvety, voluptuous mouthfeel. This versatile varietal is the cornerstone of great wines like Châteauneuf-du-Papes, GSMs, and many rosés.

Laurence Ferraud of Château Pegau loves how Grenache morphs into "1000 variations and nuances,” reflecting the varied soils -- pebbles, sand, clay-- that give birth to her award-winning wines: "Grenache is our King, no other grape variety matches better the terroir in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It gives full expressions as it ages, from its deep black fruit to its range of spices. Our Domaine du Pegau wines are 80% Grenache. This grape has been the heart and soul of my family for generations, since the start of Domaine Pegau in 1987 and my own Chateau Pegau since 2012."

GRENACHE ASSOCIATION: Thanks in part to the Grenache Association’s campaign, Grenache has also been recognized as a major player in the wine world as a standalone single-varietal wine. The late Stephen Spurrier, Michel Bettane, Walter McKinlay of Domaine du Mourchon, and Nicole Sierra-Rolet of Chêne Bleu wines launched #GrenacheDay in 2010 with their grassroots association run by volunteers.

CLIMATE CHANGE WARRIOR: Grenache is considered by many as the most climate-change-friendly grape grown. Its wind and drought-resistant deep root system reaches the water table, making it less dependent on rainwater or irrigation for hydration.

CELEBRITY VINTNERS: Celebrity vintners like rocker Post Malone worked with award-winning Alexis Cornu for his Grenache-based Maison No 9 classic rosé while actor Cameron Diaz worked with Famille Negrel, one of the oldest organic wine-making families in Provence, for her rosé.

Grammy-winner John Legend’s LVE Legend Vineyard Exclusive’s French Rosé is more than half Grenache from France’s Languedoc Roussillon region and his LVE Napa Valley Grenache is nearly 100% from Raymond Vineyards’ Calistoga vines, guided by the visionary owner Jean-Charles Boisset.

Music legend Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse turned to “rockstar” French winemaker Gerard Bertrand to create an authentically French rosé using 60% Grenache in their Hampton Water Wine. Comments Grenache Association co-founder Nicole Rolet of Chêne Bleu: “More and more superstar winemakers are turning to Grenache to build their blends and even more are embracing it as a single blend wine. The word “Grenache” should be in every wine lover’s lexicon. Connoisseurs know and love Grenache and celebrity wines are a great path to introducing it to a new audience.”


Post #GrenacheDay photos and videos:

Download a #GrenacheDay image: to email to friends, post on your social media, or create an invitation.


Industry: Marlene Angelloz

Media: Jane Silverman


Co-Founder Nicole Rolet of Chêne Bleu Wines

Grenache Association US Ambassador Andy Abramson of Comunicano

Grenache Association Executive Director Marlene Angelloz



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