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Host a (FUN) Zoom Wine Tasting Party!

Even though we’re enjoying wine more than ever, I know many of us are missing the camaraderie of in-person tastings with friends and family.

You probably know we have plenty of virtual tastings for you to check out, but how about hosting your own ZOOM tasting?

Of course I’d love for you to attend some of the events posted to which help support the people who post with us (many are small businesses), but I also wanted to give you some tips to host your own virtual tasting with your favorite people.

First, make your guest list. 3 to 10 guests make for a good ZOOM crowd...just keep in mind the more you drink, the more rowdy it'll get (and the more fun you'll all have!)

Then, select your theme. Will it be red, white, bubbly, etc.? For example, California Cabs for around $25? Maybe a couple of Chardonnays from Oregon, or perhaps, a Battle of the Sparklings (Italian Prosecco vs. Spanish Cava vs. French Champagne).

Tip: Make sure your guests have enough time to purchase their wines or, better yet, you could assemble a shopping list from a single shop where all can order by mail.

Keep the tasting simple and satisfying. Tell guests to add crackers, and maybe blue cheese with the chards, or a creamy brie with the cabs, for example. You can also check the winemaker's website for additional pairing tips.

Create a few tasting notes you can share as your friends SWIRL, SNIFF & TASTE. Then have each person describe their experience.

Tip: Remind everyone to have water on hand to cleanse their palates between tastings.

Play dress up!

Have an ugly sweater theme, silly hats, Christmas in whatever month, or meet in your best jammies! The point is to have fun, connect with others, and enjoy learning about (and drinking) the wines on your list.

Let's assume your virtual tasting is a huge success; invite any of your guests to organize the next one!





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