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One thing that stands out in our less-than-two-months in Durham is the DIVERSITY of this 150-year-old city. A writer captured the spirit perfectly (below). I peppered in a few words of my own to give those who haven't been here yet a feel for the BULL CITY, and we look forward to seeing many of our friends & family here to show you around!

Durham is barbecue and biscuits Locally sourced small plates and craft cocktails We're activists, scholars, activists & entrepreneurs We live among restored tobacco warehouses, getting around by cars, on foot, bikes (plenty of trails) & scooters. Durham is home to immigrant-owned galleries, award-wining eaters, rainbow flag adornments and a live music scene that'll make your head spin. There's coffee, churros, dreadlocks, symphonies and murals. Durham is ever-changing, but never changing. And we love it that way.

Thanks for having us Durham.

We love you already.


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