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QUIZ: Are You a Wine Snob?

If I said the name Charles Shaw, would you run for the hills, grab a glass, or maybe even a paper cup? Are you the type who has a glass for every type of wine (meaning a vessel for every actual varietal of reds, whites, and now blues?)

Let's chill out for a minute or two and have some fun, so try this wine quiz to see if you're a posh "spice" an enthusiastic wine drinker, (click on that btw), or you may be a card-carrying bonafide wine snob (which may not be a bad thing, but some of your quirks may drive your non-wine-loving' friends crazy #ohwell).

Maybe wine is your life, your passion, your soul mate -- and you wouldn't have it any other way. Let's find out! Just click on the photo below to begin your quiz (hey, it's just for sh🍷ts & giggles) and be sure to share your results in the comments below!


~ Lee

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