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Miles & Jack (from Sideways) are back!

Sequel to SIDEWAYS

Love Sideways?

It's time to get Vertical!

A note from the Publisher: From the author of the world’s most beloved wine novel comes the 2016 Sideways sequel: Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail

“Proof that sometimes the sequel is as good as—sometimes better—than the original.” -- Michel Totten, Author of Where the West Ends

“Rex Pickett has not let us down. Welcome to Oregon Miles and Jack!” -- Karl Klooster, Oregon Wine Press


The Scene: It’s ten years later and these two road buddies—Jack, now divorced, and Miles, dealing with new found fame as a writer—reunite and travel to Oregon’s famed Pinot Noir country to the International Pinot Noir festival. Unable to keep it simple, Miles steals his septuagenarian mother away from senior housing prison, which means bringing her pot smoking caretaker as well. Not only do Miles and Jack find themselves in troubled, new relationships and almost unfathomable hilarious situations, but they confront sobering challenges of being over 40—and looking at 70. All of this set up in the heart-stoppingly, wine rich beautiful landscape of Oregon’s own Burgundy country. As one wine critic wrote, “If you like Sideways, you will love Vertical.”

My review:

"I loved this cross-country joyride with Miles, Jack and a few other surprise guests (I don't want to give too much away here). I always wanted to find out what happened with Maya and Miles -- and, if Jack's marriage was actually going to work out. This entertaining sequel will tell you everything you need to know - and then some! I found Vertical: Passion and Pinot very amusing, and I have to admit I was pretty bummed when I got to the last chapter. Why? Because I didn't want the book (and my journey with these characters) to end.

You'll feel like you're on this crazy trip with these characters, and I pretty much guarantee you'll laugh out loud from their shenanigans. If you're like me, you'll also re-read many of the paragraphs just for the sheer enjoyment of it!

You might also need tissues for a couple of very touching moments as well -- and don't forget the Pinot!

One thing I loved: While reading the book, I was hearing the voices of the characters in my head, and I definitely want to see this story made for the screen (Payne - please!)

I've been waiting for this SIDEWAYS sequel, and I was not disappointed.


~ Lee

p.s. Available from the publisher and AMAZON.COM.

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