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🍇 Clients Say the Nicest Things!



As a small business owner, I'm concerned with every dollar spent."


I get this, and it's exactly what my new client Susan told me last month.

This month, she wrote this on my Facebook page: "

I was hesitant to spend money on social media management, but it

only took one week to realize how valuable Lee is to my business.

Even my closest friends asked me how I suddenly got so much better at social media!"


What Susan said meant a lot to me, as I'm familiar with the everyday demands you have running

your business AND I'd genuinely like to help take one chunk of work off your shoulders.


One more from Susan: "I immediately saw a boost in traffic, and now my social media works for me instead of feeling like a servant to it."

So, if you're someone who finds social media too tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating, I'm here for you.

The Testimonials:

 "Lee has done a fabulous job managing our online social media for

She has taken us from literally zero to over 193,000 Fans on Facebook, 23,000 followers

on Twitter and done so in a way that is interactive and engaging for our members.

It is now a hugely important part of our traffic and we could not have done it nearly so well

on our own. I think she's done a remarkable job, and for anyone struggling with managing 

social media for their business. I strongly suggest getting in touch with her. 

 - Eric V. Orange, Founder,

"Lee is amazing!! After only a few quick meetings, she had put together a fantastic social media

marketing plan for my new wine business and had personally introduced me to some of the big names in the industry. She is full of fun and effective ideas that create and maintain social media momentum, and really knows how to lift up her clients’ social presence in our super connected, online world. Lee’s content is interesting, funny, playful, and relevant. I truly consider Lee a member of the Winelala team!" - Noelle Allen, Creator of Wine Love and Learning Co.

"Working with Lee has been a godsend. She's creative, smart, funny and quick with posts & responses. She has really made a difference in our business with her marketing strategies! We are so happy, and consider Lee a part of our team!" ~ Kellyann Beene,


"Right from the start, we knew Lee was the perfect addition to our team.  Her clever and creative approach to producing great content for our social media pages keeps our readers and followers engaged.  I know I can always count on her to get things done as needed and then some (and quickly).  She's truly a joy to work with!  If you need help with social media, you need to call Lee." - Jennifer Prevost, , Director of Sales and Marketing at Craft Wine Association,

"Working with Lee made social media marketing goals so much easier to accomplish. She knows her way around the Internet and the social media world better than anyone I have worked with. She keeps her word and gets it done." - Tim Moore, Loose Gravel Press, New York-Atlanta

"I'm thrilled I "discovered" OfftheVinePR - Lee understands our message, and constantly over-delivers. I  appreciate her savvy and dedication, and highly recommenced her services." ~ Carole Lawson, Founder & CEO, Craft Wine Association.

"People started asking us (at the winery) who was handling our social media, because it was looking so good -- with that said, ever since Lee has taken over our social media accounts, her impact has been tremendous!  (Update: Lee is also handling our newsletters now too!) We've gained hundreds of new followers and our reach and engagement continues to spike. I continue to be impressed with her ability to engage our audience with informative and relevant posts. Lee is an intelligent, witty and savvy writer. Cheers!" Paul Bonacquisti, Bonacquisti Wine Company, Bonacquisti Wine 

"As a small business owner, I'm concerned with every dollar spent. Initially, I was hesitant to spend money on social media management, but it only took one week to realize how valuable Lee is to my business. She is dedicated and intuitive, so posts still feel like me but with more craft and knowledge of what gets results. I immediately saw a boost in traffic and now my social media works for me instead of feeling like a servant to it." ~ Susan Falyar LMT, NCLMBT,  Bull City Massage Therapy.

"Our strategic partnership with Lee is something we're very grateful for, and we thank her for her ideas and support -- keep up the awesomeness, Lee!" - Stephanie Davis, CS, CWE, FWS & Valerie Caruso, DWS, CWE, FWS of WineTwoFive. 

  -- I must admit, I was surprised and very flattered that these fabulous ladies called me a "ROCK STAR" at the end of the podcast with Eric V. Orange from  Please have a listen to the full podcast HERE 

"Lee does a great job managing our Facebook pages. She mixes in entertaining material, local gems, and wine related fun posts. She is creative and also keeps people aware of our regular events." - Jon Burger, Houston Winery & Water 2 Wine Houston 

"Lee mixes in interesting, relevant and timely updates along with key content about our current offerings.  Her authentic voice is just what the doctor ordered for our practice, and we are very pleased with the results from her social media engagement and promotion.  We consider Lee another invaluable player to our team." - Tom Horner, Business Manager, Dr. Paul M. Glat, Philadelphia Magazine's Top Doc (Plastic Surgeon)

"Lee has taken Sanctuary into the computer age.  We had almost NO Internet presence and Lee got us up, running, noticed, and connected to clients.  She is a true student of the business with extremely helpful and realistic insights and suggestions.  I keep marking things off my business goals list because of the work of this personable, energetic, reliable, and effective lady.  I thank my lucky stars Lee has come into our lives and consider her a valuable member of our business team!" - Sally Bingham, Owner, Sanctuary on 2nd, Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to thank you again, for the suggestions you made about pumping up my business just a bit.  You were very generous with your time and ideas and it will come back to you multi-fold!  $1 a day on FB has boosted the site and thanks to the $35 investment I made on Localwineevents for a 2 week ad, I have a couple more guests for my upcoming tour. Best to you and be well." - Cheryl Alexander,

"Lee’s imaginative and fun approach energized our Social Media presence!  She brought our Facebook page back to life, made us the new company to follow on Twitter and Pinterest, and became a trusted adviser on all things social media.  She is a delight to work with, doing everything I asked and more.  I would highly recommend her services!” - Lynette Miller, Owner,  Traveling Troubadour Cruises & Tours



"Social media like any marketing takes time and effort.  Why not treat social media like any other part of a successful marketing plan by having the best people on the project, so that's what I did when I hired Lee to become my social media manager. Being a sole proprietor, you wear many hats and sometimes it's all just too much for one person to handle, so you have to delegate important components of your marketing program to the experts."

"Lee and her team have created a sensible social media program for me that targets my audience, and keeps my name in front of so many eyes that I would have spent double or triple the time on my own to do.  Even after all these years in business, Lee has been able to keep my name fresh. I highly recommend anyone looking to manage their social media program more effectively to consider hiring Lee for all of your needs." - Robyn Webb - author, chef, nutritionist & TV "foodie"

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