Everyone Needs a Muse ...

You may have just found yours!


Social Media is where your audience is... 

                                                          let's help them find you!

Hey there!  I’m guessing you’re on this page because:


  • the thought of adding yet another task to your "TO-DO" list overwhelms you.

or ...

  • you’re not sure how to make it work, and you have no idea how/where to begin, or what to say.


or maybe…


  • you know how crucial social media is -- you want your business to generate excitement, awareness, and keep up with the competition.


If any of these scenarios are stressing you out, I can help.  Social Media content is my jam, and I’ve been doing it for over a decade for a variety of businesses. 


I want to help GROW the visibility for your business in the places that count, so you can stop spinning your wheels.


How do I do that?


By using the enormous power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage your existing customers -- and FUTURE customers -- social media will keep your audience informed of what you have to offer.

That’s the POWER of social media when it's done correctly. 

You know it's time to get your emails out to those who WANT to hear from you, or maybe it's that blog post you've been meaning to write (because you know it's good for SEO) but you draw a blank when you hit the keyboard, or perhaps you're too busy running your business - I get it.

I'm Lee, and I know you have enough to do, so let's take these tasks off your TO-DO list.


I create fresh, interesting and relevant content on a daily basis for your business or brand, so you have time to spend on what YOU love. My passion is social media content, and after two decades in the world of publicity, promotion & publishing, and I'm wired to think of new ideas for your social media, tweak your website copy, craft a press release, or come up with some promo ideas for you to put into high gear.


Do you need help with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters, web copy, blog posts, industry articles, press releases, promotions, or you'd love some fresh new ideas for your brand or business, consider me your MUSE!

Only working with clients I choose to work with, I consider my clients part of my social media family, and being a part of this family comes with the advantage of cross-promotion between all social media channels for heightened exposure and reach -- it's like a cherry on top! 

I believe in keeping the 'social' in social media, and that's exactly what I do for my clients -- see what they have to say here.  (I really care, and love happy clients!)

Contact me for your own social, web copy or newsletter assessment.


~ Lee

Social Media Publicist


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