Consider Me Your Muse!

I create fresh and interesting content on a daily basis for your business or brand, so you have time to spend on what YOU love.  My passion is social media content, and after two decades in the world of publicity, promotion & publishing, and I'm wired to think of new ideas for your social media, tweak your website copy, craft a press release, or come up with some promo ideas for you to put into high gear.

If I had a mantra for my work, it would be "keeping the 'social' in social media", which means relating to others as humans and not just promoting your business, product or service without showing a human side -- we'll leave that to AI and the robots (hmm....sounds like a good name for a band).


The issue is this: I see so many businesses spending a small fortune on their social media, only to flat returns, which has them thinking social is not for them -- this cannot be further from the truth -- they're just missing the mark.  So, if you're in that boat, I'm glad you're reading this, so we can get you out of that rut!  

Here's a bit more about my philosophy, and how I help my clients 

with being a fabulous example.  


I really care about results and love keeping my clients HAPPY! My approach to managing clients promotion and social media is to engage with connections/customers/clients  - and attract new connections (I just would like to point out that the real value of social media is to create, maintain and grow your customer/client base -- not just throw some photos up and hope for the best ...that never works).


 Whether you need help with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog posts, industry articles, press releases, event promotions, or you'd love some fresh new ideas for your brand or business, consider me your muse!

QUICK FACT: Worldwide, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of Spring 2019


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