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You realize how crucial social media is, and you want to make the most of its visibility, connection and community...


  • Your TO-DO list is already overflowing

  • You’re not sure where to begin

  • You have no idea what to say to your audience 

And, with the amount of online "stuff" competing for attention, it's KEY to cut through the noise to reach people who want what you've got to offer.


Now, if this is stressing you out, don't worry, I can help. Social Media management is my specialty, and I’ve been helping clients build their brands and grow their online presence for over a decade. 


By using the enormous power and specific targeting features of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect with your customers (and future customers) so they know what's happening in your business. 


I'll create content to make your audience aware of your latest products/services, special offers and events, and most importantly, content that's useful, fun and informative.


Crafting words and ideas that connect is my passion. After two decades in the world of publicity, promotion & publishing, it's pretty much how I'm wired. 

(Yes, I'm the girl who has social content constantly dancing through my head like sugarplums.)         


Coming up with new ideas for your social media, tweaking your website copy, creating press releases, or generating promo ideas for you to put into action is what you can count on me to do for you.


Think of me as your MUSE!     


So, let's get you recognized in the places that count,  and you can focus on what's most important, pursuing your passion! 


One last thing for now:  I consider my clients part of my social media family, and being a part of this family comes with the advantage of cross-promotion between all social media channels for heightened exposure and reach -- it's the cherry on top! ​

Contact me for your own social, web copy, or newsletter assessment ( 

~ Lee

p.s.  I believe in keeping the 'social' in social media, and that's exactly what I do for my clients -- see what they have to say here. (I really care, and love happy clients!)

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Have a question? I'm here to help. 



Social Media (& More)  for the Overwhelmed Small Biz Owner

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