For Those Who Experience Adverse Reactions to a Glass of Wine

AI came across this article, and wanted to share with you, since just about every time a red wine is poured, I hear that old "I think I'm allergic to sulfites" Please read on for a few tips about sulfites by NICK ANTONACCIO (via Are you one of those unfortunate wine lovers who have an adverse reaction to drinking wine? Do you peer at a glass of wine and wonder if the wine gods are going to strike you with a bevy of unpleasantries: wheezing, headache, facial flushing, sinus inflammation? Let’s analyze what can cause these reactions and how you may prevent them, or at least make them more tolerable. Is your neg

Will the Wildfires Leave a Whiff Of Ashtray?

This has been tough year for America's west coast vineyards. Wildfires in October in Northern California and this month in Southern California have left acres of wine country scorched and black. While California's 2017 grapes have been safely harvested already, winemakers around the world are wary about a threat that is growing along with the frequency of wildfires: smoke taint. Smoke taint can happen when grapes are exposed to smoke. The resulting wine has an unpleasant taste, often described as ashy, burnt, and ashtray. California's growers might have lucked out this year, but significant wine regions, including in Australia, South Africa, Chile, and Portugal, have all had serious fires in